"Who Do You Trust" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season three.


Adrian and Ben find out that they are having a little girl. They are elated—as are their parents. Ben wants to ask Adrian to marry him but he‘s afraid she‘ll say no.

Ricky and Amy have decided to have sex but she insists he get tested first. He asks the girls he‘s been with if he should be worried and they say he should be. He goes to get tested and runs into his foster mother who works at the clinic and she tells him she‘s there for him no matter what happens. He‘s terrified of what he might have. When he returns home his birth mom is at the door having been let out of prison and has a bag filled with her things. She promises living with him is only temporary.

Meanwhile, Ashley wants to be home schooled because she doesn't want to be around overly happy and gossipy people anymore. Lauren and Jesse break up. Madison has met a new older man. And Grant and Grace think they’re ready to have sex as well.

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