"Which Way Did She Go?" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season three.

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Amy calls Anne and George from New York and asks for help finding the subway. Anne reassures Amy that New Yorkers are really friendly and can help her if she needs help. Anne and George are fully awake now and can't go back to bed—so Anne lets George have sex with her.

Band geeks are spreading rumors through the school that Amy is pregnant again. Ricky is especially furious with these rumors and insists they aren't true. Grace tries talking to Ricky but he tells her they can't be friends because he isn't speaking to Adrian. Meanwhile, Grace continues trying to meddle in Adrian's business. She wants Jack to help her convince Adrian not to have an abortion—but Jack wants nothing to do with it.

Ricky and Amy’s mother are in the kitchen doing dishes while they talk about why Amy plays the French Horn. It is revealed that she picked that instrument because of Peter and the Wolf. Later Anne and George talk and Anne says she’s glad that Ricky decided to stay with them to take care of John while Amy is away.

Later, when Ricky and Ashley are alone, they kiss! Ricky backs away and hurries out of the room. Meanwhile, in New York City, Bristol Palin shows up at Amy’s dorm room and Amy finds out that all of the girls in the music program are teen mothers.

Adrian tells Ben that tomorrow she is going to have an abortion. Ruben and Cindy argue, because Ruben will not allow Adrian to have an abortion and Cindy is supporting Adrian’s decision. George overhears Ruben and Cindy arguing and he cannot believe that Adrian is pregnant. Meanwhile, Adrian leaves her house leaving a note for her parents that says she could not stand the arguing and she will be back tomorrow. Where did she go? Ben’s house. Leo calls Ruben to inform him that Adrian is safe and is at his house.

Jack is staying in the Bowman’s guest house with Tom unbeknownst to Kathleen and Grace. Tom and Jack eat brownies that are in the freezer in the guest house. They realize later that they are pot brownies and they are now high—and Tom has a drug test for his new job on Monday!

The next morning, Jack's phone rings and it's Madison—she thinks he's cheating on her. Jack tells her that he's living with Tom at the Bowmans' guest house! Grace pulls open the shower curtain and tells Jack that he cannot live with them. Grace agrees not to say anything to Kathleen for a few days. Adrian leaves with Cindy for the abortion and Ruben apologizes to Cindy and tells Adrian that he loves her.


  • With this episode, Ricky has kissed all of the main female characters. (Amy, Adrian, Ashley and Grace)
  • Bristol Palin guest stars in this episode, as she had a baby at the age of 18.

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