"When One Door Closes..." is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season four.


Amy decides that she and John will move in with Ricky permanently. Adrian is extremely depressed over the loss of her baby, Ben tries to get Adrian to go to school or leave the house but she refuses and doesn’t want anyone’s help. Tom asks Kathleen for his new girlfriend to move in, Kathleen is resistant. Amy stops at home and she and Ashley have a heart to heart; Ashley is leaving to travel across country with her friend. Ashley doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Amy to move in with Ricky and leave their father. At school Ben asks Amy to visit Adrian.

Meanwhile Camille tells Leo she wants to look for a new job and Leo is outraged. Amy visits Adrian and discovers the mess she’s living in from food everywhere to her uncombed hair. Adrian assures her that she and Ben will get through this and stay together. Amy tells Adrian she’s moving in with Ricky. Ricky meanwhile goes to his therapist. Ricky keeps focusing on Adrian, he’s worried Ben will leave her now that they don’t have a baby and she’s so unhappy.

Kathleen visits Rachel, Tom’s girlfriend, at her thrift store.To Kathleen’s surprise she learns Rachel was beaten up by her ex-husband and that he put her kids in a car and took them away from her and Tom is the only man she and the kids can trust now. Kathleen’s phone rings with Grace who’s in volunteering in Kenya, while on the phone with Grace Kathleen welcomes Rachel and her children into her guesthouse. Ben has dinner with Leo. They both admit that they want out of their marriages but there is nothing they can do about it.


  • This is the first episode where Grace does not appear in.