"When Bad Things Happen to Bad People" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season five.

Synopsis Edit

It is revealed by Kathy that she and Ethan are really over. She approaches him in the hallway and asks him about a rather bulky piece of technology equipment, asking him if it is his phone charger. Ethan bitingly replies that it is not his and that, perhaps, it belongs to Brian. Kathy says that it doesn't belong to Brian, and that perhaps it is from a tablet or something. She then asks him how things are going with Layla, and asks him how sex was. Ethan says that they haven't done anything yet, and Kathy says when they do end up doing something to call her. Ethan asks if that means after he has sex with Layla, will they be getting back together. Kathy says no, that the reason why she's offering is because Ethan will probably end up getting bored. She tells him that they will always be friends, however.

Meanwhile, Amy, Adrian, and Grace have an all-girl dinner at Geoff's. They all talk about their plans for the future, involving college and marriage. Grace says that she is still envious that Grant got into Harvard and she didn't. Amy tells her that she got into half a dozen schools and could easily pick one. Grace says that once she picks a school that Jack will follow her there like a puppy. Adrian reminds Grace that she's known Jack for four years and that she cried and begged for him to come out of his coma. Grace says that her crying doesn't mean that she has to marry him, whereupon Adrian reminds her that they're engaged. Adrian also says that Amy's idea of marrying Ricky and going to New York and leaving him and John behind doesn't qualify as a marriage. She also says that, since Amy will be around Ben so much, that she may end up with him.

Elsewhere, Ricky and Leo discuss Amy and Ben's living arrangements in New York. Leo explains that he owns property around one of his butcher shops in New York, and that his brother, Eddy, has the middle floor. He goes on to say that he will be offering Amy the basement apartment, and Ben the top floor. He says that if they're going to get together, they could do it either living in the same building or by living miles apart. Ricky asks Leo why he would be so generous to Amy, and Leo says that he doesn't want to lose Ricky from the company, and the apartment would be big enough for him, Amy, and John, and that she would have a safe place to live. Ricky says that he doesn't want to go to New York, but wait for Amy to come back to him. Leo claims that all he does is provide opportunity, and what people do with it is up to them, whereupon Ricky thanks Leo. 

In this episode Omar ends his engagement to Adrian because he doesn't want to be alone in New York unmarried. 


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