First and last 3
Victoria Smith is the mother of Kathleen Juergens. She is the mother-in-law of George Juergens. She is the grandmother of Grace Bowman and Tom Bowman

She was, according to her granddaughter, Grace, part of a cult with her husband, Mr. Smith. When she informed her husband of her desire to visit and reconnect with their daughter, Kathleen, he refused to do so and left her for another woman. She was very upset by this, but vowed to visit and reconnect with Kathleen.

She showed up in Valley Glen in the Season 5 episode, Interference. She remained there for George and Kathleen's wedding at the end of First and Last. She stayed with her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren in the Bowman household.

In First and Last, Victoria tells her that she is sorry for being so critical all those years. She goes on to explain that she did not attend the funeral of Marshall Bowman, her daughter's second husband and father of her grandchildren, not because it wasn't in her church, but because she knew that he was cheating on Kathleen. She says that she hated Marshall for doing that to her daughter, and then asks why Kathleen is going back to George. Kathleen explains that George never cheated on her, but that she cheated on him instead.

At the end of First and Last, Kathleen gets up the day after remarrying George and goes to see if her mother wants breakfast. She knocks on her door but receives no reply. 

We find out in the next episode, All My Sisters With Me, through her granddaughter, Grace, that Victoria died in her sleep after a long battle with a bad heart.

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