I use to hate Ricky but find him hot. Now i just love him and there is no way for me to hate him. I mean since he is changing and all. I think that is so great of him. Do I like him with Amy no. I will always be a Radrienne fan and a Bamy fan but what can u do? I think Ricky and Adrienne have too much history. I think I Badrienne was a big mistake. Anyway I can never hate Ricky because he has been through so much he makes u want to sympathize for him. Ricky is the wrong, irrestiable, guy. But for Adrienne he is like her Mr. Right.

Destined 2 be together. Ricky+Adrienne


Radrienne forever

Adrian and ricky

Adrian and Ricky kiss in season 3. the way it should be

Ricky and adrian

Adrian and Ricky in season luv forever

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