thumb|153px|leftthumb|151px|rightthumb|170px|leftthumb|130px|rightthumb|158px|rightBamy-the relationship between Amy and Ben. They SHOULD be in a relationship now. Because I think Ben has more love for her. And their love is unbreakable. Bamy is forever and a day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jace- Jack and Grace. Jack and Grace were always the it couple and should be. They are amazing together. Jace is forever!!!!!!! Until the end of time.

Radrienne- My 2nd favorite couple. I have always thought of them as a couple who know they deserve better but they can't hid their love for each other. They fight but then make up. They have an intense love hate relationship. Radrienne is forever and a day!!!!!

Adrian and ricky

Adrian and Ricky kiss in season 3. the way it should be


Bamy JAce Radrienne





Grace and jack kissing

Grace and Jack kissing in season 2 Jace forever


Amy and Ben kissing Bamy

Peace sign-1

peace and believe in BAMY

Amy juergins

Amy Juergins

Ben boykewich


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