• Montybrooke13

    Guys vs. Girls

    May 29, 2013 by Montybrooke13

    Ricky has really changed into a mature, intelligent young man over the years. It's great to see how the whole struggle with  Amy becoming pregnant has taught Ricky a valuable lesson, and, looking back on who he was in season one, he seems like a completley different person. He is a great father to his child, and, in my opinion, would never do anything to hurt Amy (like call off the wedding, or leave her). In this season, when all these engagements are taking place, the guys are being so incredibly kind, giving, and dedicated to that one girl. While the girls are being wishy-washy about getting married, ungrateful of the love they are receiving, and acting like the world revolves around them. I have really enjoyed watching this season, it h…

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