• Alyse88


    June 5, 2013 by Alyse88

    SO last night was the end of Secret Life!

    A few things I knew was comming....

    I knew Amy was going to break it off. She's just like that, here she is with the amazing guy Ricky turns into. I acctually am glad she broke it off. I think Ricky deserves better than her. I really wish they would have answered some things like how do they work out being parents to John and yet live so far from eachother? Does Ricky continue to work for Leo and eventually move up in the company? Ben and Amy, do they get together? Does Ricky find the love he deserves? Maybe with Clementine, in a few years?

    How does Grace break up with Jack?

    I think the only thing I liked about this episode was Adrian getting her happy ending (or so we can assume).

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