Tampa Bankruptcy Attorneys and strategies to keep out of debt!

We'll go through all the details with you, which include things like 401ks, savings accounts and other forms of assets. If you want to keep a credit card and pay it on your own, you can do so as it is a common request of many individuals. For this type of filing there will be a consultation and completion of the test means that we provide for you.

If you want to keep your debt and set up a payment plan, you can file a chapter 13 bankruptcy. This allows you to eliminate your debt. This type of bankruptcy's rules are some of which we can discuss with you. People with regular income that could follow a program of restoration of parts of their debts in a chapter 13, the Council shall appoint to the Court. You are given three to five years to repay the debts.

With both of these types of bankruptcies there is a filing fee that is paid to the Government. Two credit counseling courses must also be completed online for a small fee.

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