"Up All Night" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season three.


Ricky and Amy are in the Juergens’ kitchen, and Amy reveals that she’s suspicious that Ricky slept around while she was away. He gets annoyed, but she suggests that they go on a date to see if there’s still a spark between them. Ricky sleeps over with Amy, and she still prods him about who he might have slept with. Ashley eavesdrops on them, growing jealous. Meanwhile, Anne finds out that Amy got home early, and she goes to check on her, and expresses her own suspicions of Ricky.

Grace and Tom have a chat about how Jack and Madison can’t see each other, and wonder if Jack has started dating again. Jack is worried about Grace seeing other guys, but he also feels guilty for partying without Madison. Grace and Grant spend the night together, without sex, but Grace is suspicious of her mom’s motives for letting him stay.

Meanwhile, Ben and Adrian spend the night together, and she expresses her gratitude for all his help, even though Ben has his own doubts. And later, Ricky agrees to take Amy out on a date, along with John.

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