"Untying the Knot" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season five.

Synopsis Edit

George has a talk with Jack about his injuries. Jack explains that he wants to see a Christian doctor because then he'll be able to get his casts removed. He also tells George to pray that Robie is actually his son. George uncomfortably leaves the Bowman house after this exchange.

Meanwhile, Amy confronts George on not being Robie's father. George asks if David told her, but Amy says that Anne told her. She tells him that he's a liar and that he should be sorry, but George isn't sorry and admits to Amy that he saw her and Ricky's wedding video and that he knows that they're not really married. He says that when he lies he does it for his family, but when Amy lies, she does it for herself.

Elsewhere, Adrian runs into Clementine and tells her that she looked up Amy and Ricky's wedding. She tells her that she found out that they have a marriage license but that there's no record of them actually getting married. Adrian goes further and says that they are both happy that the marriage is being put on hold. She says this and then says that, this way, Amy can go to school in New York with Ben, leaving Ricky to stay in Valley Glen with Clementine. Upon this information, Clementine leaves uncomfortably, while Adrian remarks aloud about how smart she believes herself to be.

And Anne cancels Amy and Ricky's wedding, feeling it is redundant. She ultimately finds out from George that there was no wedding, and, out of anger, evicts George, also Nora.


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