"To Begin With ..." is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season five.


After Amy's agreement in the season 4 finale to marry Ricky right away, the two are going to elope – but only George knows about it.

Meanwhile, still weirded out by her kiss with Adrian, Grace isn't sure they can be friends anymore.

Ashley and Toby decide to take their relationship to the next level.

George will talk to Anne on the phone, and she asks him to bring Ashley up to see her. He will get weirded out about the suggestion, but finally agrees to bring Ashley up.

It is questionable whether or not Anne will find out about Ashley and Toby.

Adrian's finally handed her diploma, and learns that Omar will be teaching at Grant High. She gets mad at Katelyn because she finds out the she does not get formal recognition for completing summer school, and Katelyn reminds her that the school allowed Adrian to walk in the graduation ceremony in And Circumstance, but Adrian wants more recognition.

Ricky and Amy check into a honeymoon suite at a hotel, but it’s still unknown whether they actually tied the knot.

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