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"To Be..." is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season three.


Adrian and Ben settle into their condo as Mr. and Mrs. Boykewich. Meanwhile, at Grant High, Katelyn the guidance counselor has a banner up in the entrance way of the school to welcome the newly married couple. And Grace helps orchestrate the entire school throwing rice at the newlyweds as they enter. Adrian loves the attention but Amy isn’t pleased.

Madison calls the girls into the bathroom to tell them that she and Jack had sex in Ricky‘s apartment and that the sex was bad and Jack cried afterwards. Jack admits to his coach that he had sex with Madison and as soon as he started having sex with her he wanted to stop. But he sits down with Madison and realizes that they do love each other but aren't ready to have sex yet.

Amy gets upset that another couple has had sex in Ricky‘s bed and that Ricky has slept in his bed with lots of different girls. She tells him to buy a new bed. But when Ricky discusses this with his mom, Nora helps him realize that Amy‘s probably upset that Ricky‘s going to college and she might think he‘s leaving her. Ricky goes to Amy and reiterates that he‘s never leaving her and John AND that he‘s buying a new bed. He asks her to take a trip with him and get some one on one time together and Amy feels cherished.

George calls Camille, Leo‘s secretary that he met at Ben and Adrian‘s wedding and asks her out on a date. Camille says yes, because she‘s excited AND because it gets under Leo‘s skin that she‘s going on a date with George.

Adrian and Ben are trying to fall asleep in their new condo but Adrian‘s body is feeling odd. Even though they just had a doctor‘s appointment Adrian is worried about the baby.

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