Amy and ricky in bed
The Text Big Thing

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May 21, 2012
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The Text Big Thing

The Text Big Thing is the 95th episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Amy brings John home and Ricky has made dinner for them. Ricky says that cooking is not Amy's thing, and he says that it's okay that he cooked dinner. Amy reveals to Ricky that she talked to Ben at the pizza place. Ricky says that a couple weeks have passed since the event, but it doesn't matter that they talked. He also says that she doesn't need to tell him anything about the conversation. Ricky claims that he's not upset that Amy talked to Ben. Amy leaves the table, and Ricky asks John how his day was. John says that his day was "good", and Amy returns from the table. Amy asks Ricky about the tomatoes for the sauce. Amy is upset that this woman apparently flirted with this woman. Ricky says that this woman is 79, and Amy asks about the woman's knowledge of Amy's engagement. Ricky says that he doesn't wear an engagement ring, so it wouldn't matter. Amy finally picks July 4th, 2013 as the wedding date.

George and Nora contemplate the date to the wedding that Amy selected. George asks Amy if she wants a big wedding. Amy says that she doesn't want a big wedding.

Ricky and Amy talk about the wedding date. Amy gets upset about Ricky's boxers. Their pattern is the fourth of July emblam.

Lauren and Madison discuss the wedding date. Lauren unintentionally calls Madison a slut, after saying that she should sleep with Ricky. Madison tells Lauren that she needs to get laid. Lauren says that she's still angry with Madison. Lauren says that she and Madison should separate themselves from Amy, and that it shouldn't just be about her.

Amy claims that Lauren and Madison are too busy with themselves and have no time for her. Under pressure, Ricky changes his underwear.

Henry, Alice, Jack, and Grace find out about the wedding date.

Omar is slightly jealous that Adrian is texting Ben while they're kissing.

Ben reveals that, due to budget cuts, they've reduced the amount of condoms in the nurse's office. He then reveals that he's joking. All the while, Ben is hanging out with Dylan, Raven, Mercedes, and Wendy.

Henry gets a text from Ben, telling him that he wants to be friends again. He is in his bedroom during this time, and his brothers are plugged-in to their individual game stations, not listening to him.

George tries to get Nora to watch Robie again. Nora says that George will never be able to go back to Anne at this point. George says that he already told Anne that they're never getting back together. He tells Nora (if Anne calls) that Nora has to find out if Anne is gay or not.

Leo tells Ben that Amy and Ricky has set a date. Ben replies that he heard already from Henry. Leo reveals that he doesn't know how to text. Leo says to Ben that Camille wants more children. Ben (faking surprise) says that he's shocked that Camille wants to adopt him. Ben takes Leo's phone and sends Camille a text.

Mercedes says that they (Dylan, Wendy, and Raven) should get Ben to transfer to their school.

Alice tries to seduce Henry. However, this does not work, because he claims that he just wants to be friends, although she forces Henry into a hug. Henry's bodily functions get the better of him, and he tells Alice that their friendship will take time.

Grace and Jack re-visit their discussion from Allies to try to figure out where they stand. They talk about whether or not to be boyfriend/girlfriend again, and what commitment really means to both of them. Jack tells Grace that he's not sure that she wants to be just friends. Jack begs her to consider him again, and Grace says that she'll think about it.

Omar asks Adrian to make a comittment to him. Adrian says that they have to work up for a year-long comittment. First an hour, then a week, then a month, then three months, and so on, and so on.

Leo tries in vain to text Camille, and she unexpectedly shows up at his house. Leo reveals that he doesn't want any more children. Camille replies the opposite, but not if it means losing Leo. Ben comes in and calls Camille "mom", but Leo tells him to leave. Camille tries to tell Leo that she thinks that he's a good father. Then, she tells him that she's pregnant. But then she takes it back, and that she was kidding. Then, she asks to sleep over.

Dylan tells Ben that she got permission to sleep over. Henry and Alice unexpectedly walk in. Dylan reveals that she told Ben to text Henry.

George and Kathleen have some time together, and Grace unexpectedly walks in. After he leaves, Kathleen asks Grace if she's all right with her seeing George. Grace asks her mother what will happen if Anne and George get back together, but Kathleen says that that won't happen. Then she tells Grace that Anne is gay. Grace tells Adrian, who tells Henry, who tells Jack, Ben, Madison, Lauren, some unknown teenagers, and finally, it gets out to Amy and Ricky. Ricky says that he hopes that this won't get out.

Dylan, Henry and Alice sleep over at Ben's house. Dylan reminds Ben to consider transfering to her school.

Ethan and Margaret show up at Ricky's apartment. Margaret tells Ricky that she has a gift fro them. Margaret gives Ricky a calendar for Amy so that she can mark off the days until the wedding.

Grace asks Adrian if she thinks that Kathleen was drunk when she told her that Anne was gay. Grace asks if her mom is okay. Kathleen asks if Grace told anyone, and Grace dodges the bullet.

Everyone is freaking out that Amy will blame them in some way for the text message.

Amy interrigates George about what he told Kathleen. George says that people "turn" gay, whereupon Nora walks in and sets him straight. Then she leaves for work, after telling Amy that Anne has not said that she's gay. Amy tells George that he doesn't know anything and leaves for summer school.

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