"The Games We Play" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season four.

Synopsis Edit

Amy comes up with schemes to get Ricky to marry her. Ricky secretly confides in John that he is going to propose to Amy on the night of graduation.

Jesse upsets Lauren when he tells her he loves her because he wants to sleep with her.

Jack admits to Madison that he's in love with Grace, but wants to take Madison to the senior dance as friends.

Adrian is upset that Dante hasn't called her.

Ben tells Leo to send Camille flowers to reconnect with her.

Anne finds out Nora is living with George.

Henry discusses with Alice the idea of them going to a different college and makes Alice think that he’s breaking up with her.

Adrian asks Katelyn if she can "graduate" with her class and still finish her requirements over the summer.

While looking for Dante, Adrian runs into Dante's brother Omar and is smitten.

Madison puts her foot down and decides to not go to the graduation dance with Jack as his consolation prize.

Jack asks Grace and Daniel to go with him instead.

Jesse and Lauren make up.

Anne and Nora hit it off as friends.

Bunny guesses that Ricky is going to propose to Amy.