"Shiny and New" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season five.

Synopsis Edit

Amy confronts Ricky when he opens her mail from Hudson University. He tells her to have him arrested, whereupon she angrily says that they're not married and she can tour the campus if she wants to. In anger, Ricky orders Amy to return the wedding ring to him, since they're not married. Amy immediately goes to do as he says, but, oddly, she cannot remove the ring.

Meanwhile, Adrian apologizes to Ricky about him and Amy not really being married. Ricky tells her that he knows she's not sorry, and Adrian says she's not interested. She goes on to say that she really loves Omar, and that their love is real. She also says that it was an obligation to marry Ben, and it doesn't feel that way with Omar. Adrian also reports that she believes that Amy has made up her mind about touring the Hudson University campus.

In the meantime, Leo questions Ricky about his friendship with Clementine.

Elsewhere, Grace leaves with her mother to go tour two campuses. She tells Jack that his parents want him home, and Jack expresses interest in going on the tours with Grace. However, Grace tells him he has to remain in Valley Glen, and Jack goes to extreme lengths to protect himself with potentially devastating consequences.

During this, Adrian is not happy when Omar goes on a business trip without her, especially when she learns that Amy is on the same flight.

While this happens, George’s need to distance himself from Anne leads him down a new career path.

And, Kathy offers to tutor Ethan in math but his pride keeps him from accepting her help.


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