"Setting Things Straight" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season five.

Synopsis Edit

Leo Boykewich speaks to Katelyn O'Malley about Ben and his confrontation with Camille. Then, he says something to Katelyn about Amy Juergens (mainly that Amy is the root of Ben's problems with life in general, and that the reason Ben got onto a bad path was all her fault, and he blames her for everything). Amy happens to be walking by when Leo slanders her good name. Leo is then done talking to Katelyn, and he leaves her office to see Amy in the hall. She gives him a look, informing him that she heard everything he said about her. Leo only smiles and tells Amy to say hi to her family.

Amy is late for school, which is probably why she was standing outside Katelyn's office in the first place. After dropping off John at the nursery, she rushes back to the apartment to find Ricky already working. She explains that she forgot a textbook, and Ricky tells her that he'll get it for her, but Amy says that she'll get it herself. As she walks away from him to get her book, she looks around the butcher shop a little bit. Ricky asks her what she's doing, and she tells him that she's just looking around (it is implied that she doesn't trust him and is looking for Clementine). After she goes upstairs to get her book, one of Ricky's employee's gives him a look, and Ricky tells him that he's glad that he's married to Amy.

Dylan will tell Ben that Henry kissed her. Based on Ben's angry reply, it is probable that Henry and Ben may have another fight.

Things seem to be heating up between Ethan and Kathy. As Ethan exits the school building, he sees another guy sitting with Kathy; they are possibly studying together, and good-naturedly flirting with one another. When Ethan goes towards them, he tells the guy to go away. When the guy says something to Ethan, possibly asking him if he and Kathy are a couple, Ethan informs him that he is the father of Kathy's baby. After the guy leaves, Ethan tells Kathy that he wants to be her boyfriend, and that he wishes he was the father. He also tells her that he wants to be involved with her pregnancy, and Kathy tells him that she has a meeting with the adoptive parents. Ethan expresses an interest in going, and Kathy quickly tells him that she's changed her mind and doesn't want him to go with her.

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