"Regrets" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season five.

Synopsis Edit

Jack gets an exclusive on a local news station about helping out the hooker. Grace is visiting the college, and is invited to speak on the air. The subject of premarital sex comes up during the interview, which is taking place on the football field. Jack accidentally lets it slip (much to Grace's horror) about Jack and Grace having sex when Jack was a sophomore and Grace was a freshman. Grace is mortified, and slaps Jack on the shoulder. Only then does the announcer inform Grace and Jack that they are off the air. Not only did the world hear about Grace's first time with Jack, but they also saw Grace hitting Jack.

Grace and Grant will have an argument in the school hallway. Grant obviously is not happy that Grace and Jack are back together, nor is he happy that Grace skipped out on med camp. He makes it seem like her life is all washed up and that she'll marry Jack, get pregnant, divorce Jack, and go to college when their children grow up. Grace stomps away and mutters to herself about missing med camp.

Ethan tells Kathy that he's not afraid of falling in love with her. Kathy tells him that she is afraid, and despite the fact that she really likes him, she thinks he's only interested in her because of the baby. Ethan reminds her that he first saw her from the back, and that he had no idea that she was pregnant. Kathy says that, until the baby is born, she would prefer it if they didn't see each other. Ethan yells down the hall, as Kathy walks away, that it was the "stupid adoptive couples'" choice, and not hers.

Kathy's friends confront Ethan, telling him that they know what happened between him and Kathy. They also demand that he pick one of them to be his girlfriend. Ethan flat out refuses, saying he does not want Kathy back and angrily walks away from them. Kathy's friends then go back to Kathy and tell her rudely that Ethan does not want her back (even though Ethan probably only said it out of anger) and that they both are interested in him. They tell Kathy to give them permission to date Ethan, and Kathy unhappily accepts. After her friends triumphantly walk away, Kathy begins to sob with total and complete heartbreak.

Ben and Henry discuss both of their relationships with Dylan at length. Ben asks if Henry is going out with her, and Henry explains that he shouldn't have broken up with Alice or slept with Adrian. Then, Henry asks if Ben is going out with her, and Ben replies that he asked her out but she turned him down (because her parents still don't want her to see him). Then, they both agree that they should have waited until they were done with high school to have sex, but they both agree that it is way too late to even consider that.

Anne comes back from Italy (presumably with Robie) from visiting Ashley. She says she will announce to everyone that she is ready to plan Amy and Ricky's wedding. She plans the wedding with her and George's friend Donovan. Nora follows Mimsy's Twitter feed, and Mimsy tells the world that Anne is gay.

Leo and Camille finally tie the knot. Ben apologizes to Camille, and tells her and his dad that he loves them and how much he hopes that they will be happy. When he leaves the room, it is revealed that, after their honeymoon, Camille and Leo will be interviewed by Social Services. It is also revealed that they will be adopting a girl, and, according to Leo, Ben has "...always wanted a sister..."

Later, Nora invites her AA meeting to the house since there is a function going on at the church and since George is out with Kathleen. It turns out that all of Nora's AA friends are gay, and Anne mistakes them as reponses to her mother's Twitter message. She makes a fool out of herself, but meets someone in the process.

Omar and Adrian discuss moving in together. Omar backs out at the last minute, telling Adrian that he wants to be engaged (or have some kind of commitment) before doing so. She is angry at him for this decision.

Ricky discovers that Amy got an admission letter to college. He is angry at her for applying. The pimp that flirted with Adrian angrily goes into Jack's dorm room, he says "start praying chirstian" and takes out his baseball bat to beat him up for letting his hooker get away, ending the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the final appearances of Mercedes and Raven.

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