"Property Not For Sale" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season five.

Synopsis Edit

Adrian is approached by a pimp on campus. Clementine helps her out with calling the campus police, and the pimp runs for it.

Ethan goes to meet the parents that Kathy has picked out for her daughter. He makes a fool of himself and Kathy texts Amy to come pick Ethan up. Margaret has a firm talk with Ethan, after Kathy breaks it off with him. Margaret tells Ethan (after taking his cell phone away) not to talk to Kathy in any way. However, the following day they resume their relationship.

Jack gets into trouble (and makes the front page of the local newspaper in the process) with the campus police for trying to help out a hooker. The hooker randomly selected his dorm, and told him that she would do anything he wanted. Then, she hit Jack up for money (after explaining that her pimp had kidnapped her three years before) and Jack almost gives her the money, before the police bust down his dorm room door.

George and Kathleen find a "dirty book" of Tom's called "Fifty Spices". Kathleen claims that she thought it was a cookbook, based on the title. Tom thinks that the book is funny, but after reading the story about the hooker that Jack was trying to help, he tosses the book in the trash.

Henry reveals to Dylan (while Ben is right there and right before their second date is about to begin) that Ben slept with Alice. Dylan, horrified, tells Ben to go away before inviting Henry inside.

Leo hopes Ben isn't part of Jack's situation. Then, he talks to Ben and tells him that he has to make up with Amy and Alice. He also tells Ben that objectifying women is wrong, and that Amy does not belong to him. Ben agrees, and decides not to be friends with Amy, but makes up with Henry and Alice.

Ricky reveals to Ethan that if he had a chance to do his whole life over again (from band camp) then he never would have slept with Amy, thus never producing John. Ricky later reveals to Amy that he walked Clementine to her dorm, and tells her that the security guard was there the whole time. Then, Amy pointedly asks Ricky if he kissed Clementine, and he denies it.

Ben approaches Amy in order to talk about the status of their relationship, telling her that he should've let go of the thought of ever being with her. He then tells her that he thinks they shouldn't be friends.

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