Adrian explaining to Reuben that she wants to go to Poppi's Taco's with Ben

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Multi image of Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner


Ben proposes to Adrian


Adrian outside Poppi's Taco's, accepting Ben's proposal

Poppi's Taco's is a restaurant that serves great Mexican food that Adrian was craving in Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner. She tells Reuban and Cyndi that Ben loves Poppi's as much as she does and Ben claimed that Adrian wanted to save him money by going there for dinner but really she just wanted to have good Mexican food.

Ben rents out the whole restaurant for them and Adrian's parents meet him there to tell him that he's allowed to propose to Adrian. He proposed to Adrian at Poppi's Taco's, and it is also there that Adrian feels the baby move for the first time.

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