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Nora Underwood
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 52
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: 1960
Address: Women's County Prison (former)

Valley Glen, California

Occupation(s): Butcher Shop worker

Assistant to Leo Boykewich

Family & Friends
Family: Ricky Underwood (son)

John Juergens (grandson)

Relationships: Bob Underwood (ex-husband)

Ollie (ex-fiance)

Friends: George Juergens

Margaret Shakur
Leo Boykewich
Anne Juergens

Employer: Leo Boykewich


Employees: Bunny

Ricky Underwood
Ben Boykewich

Other Informations
Interests: Drugs


Education: Some high school
Vulnerabilities: Drug addiction


Strengths: Had 2 years of being sober before getting drunk
Weaknesses: Drugs


Series Information
First appearance: "Choices"
Last appearance: "All My Sisters With Me"
Portrayer: Anne Ramsay
Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 1.02.19 PM

Nora Underwood's first encounter with her son since the start of the show.

Nora Underwood is Ricky Underwood's biological mother.

History Edit

Ricky resents the fact she never tried to stop Bob from sexually abusing him. In season 2 Ricky finds her in Las Vegas. When he ask her why she never stopped the abuse. Nora tells him "Bob broke my spirit a long time, but you are a survivor." She gives him an envelope full of money and says "I have been saving this for ever since I heard you put your father away." She comes back in New York, New York where she wants to spend time with Ricky before she goes back to jail. Ricky spends some time with her and when she was leaving he rushed out the car and said, "Mom wait." Tears were coming out of his eyes while he hugged her. He later asked Adrian Lee 's father, Ruben Enriquez, who is a DA to try to get her out of jail, since he is trying to forgive her for his bad childhood. She later gets out of prison with the help of Ruben and her girlfriend. She is hesitant to tell Ricky that she is gay, but eventually tells him. She is a part of Ricky's, John's, and Amy's lives. Nora moves in to Ashley's room because she doesn't want to be alone. She is scared she will get into drinking again. Nora gets a job at the butcher shop and later is Leo Boykewich's assistant. Nora is friends with Anne until the situation with Robie and George Juergens. Nora tells Ricky, when Amy Juergens is in New York, that he could be a single father. 

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