"My Girlfriend's Back" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season three.


It’s the last day of school, and Ben is still fretting over not being able to talk to Amy. Adrian shows up and sees all the pictures of Amy that Ben has in his locker, and helps him clean them out. They have a small argument over Ricky’s position in all of this, and Adrian reluctantly invites Ben to her upcoming sonogram before walking off annoyed.

Meanwhile, Amy is talking to Ricky over the phone, and he offers to come visit her the coming weekend, to which she agrees. After speaking with Ricky, Amy finally calls Ben, much to his surprise, and promises to talk to him in person when she gets home. This encourages Ben, and Leo further encourages him to throw a party so he can socialize more.

At said party, Grace, Madison, and Jack have a conversation, with visible tension between Grace and Madison. Later, Madison conspires to sleep with Jack. Ashley arrives with Adrian, and meets up with Peter and Haylie. Ashley confronts Ben about the whole Amy debacle, and she blurts out that Ricky is going to see Amy this weekend. This causes Ben to panic and lose his confidence.

The next day, after the sonogram with Adrian, Ben suddenly decides that he is willing to marry Adrian. Ricky visits Amy in New York, and they show visible affection towards each other, but Amy isn’t willing to reconcile with Ricky unless he stops sleeping around.

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