Victoria Smith is a supporting character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 5. She is Kathleen Juergens's overly religious Christian mother.

History Edit

Growing up Victoria was popular in school and had dreams of going to Europe and becoming an artist or writer, but then she met Mr. Smith, married him, and became deeply involved in religion. She was so strict when Kathleen was growing up that she Kathleen got married to George Juergens just so she could have sex with him due to her mother's policies on pre-marital sex. Victoria did not approve of Kathleen's later divorce and second marriage to Marshall Bowman and as such, refused to attend his funeral.

Later, she unexpectedly arrived in Valley Glen and showed up at George's new restaurant as George and Kathleen were discussing getting remarried and hoped that Kathleen was not "going back to ground zero." Victoria has lived in the same house for forty years, but at some point her husband divorced her and remarried, but she failed to inform her daughter that he'd left. The last time she spoke to Kathleen prior to showing up in Valley Glen was on the phone, when she refused to come to Marshall's funeral. Unbeknownst to Kathleen, Victoria had learned of Marshall's affair and that was the reason she refused to go to his funeral, not because it was being held at a different church. The reason she finally came to see Kathleen in person was because she felt she needed someone to take care of her because she has a bad heart condition.

Due to her religious views she does not drink alcohol or caffeine, but she was emotional when she her granddaughter, until she realized what Grace was wearing and disapproved of her showing too much skin. When Grace and Tom were younger, they used to call her "Queen Victoria" because she was so strict and always had to have her way.

After learning of Kathleen and George's plans to remarry, she managed to locate a number for Eva Juergens, despite that Mrs. Juergens hadn't even left a forwarding address for George, and called her over the weekend to tell her about their childrens' marriage plans, as well as her bad health.

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