Morgan Cooperstein is a supporting character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 2. He is the father of Madison, and the husband of Emily.

History Edit

We don't know much about him, but we assume that he is a business man, considering that he and Emily have a very nice house and that he wears suits to work in and has a briefcase. He is shown to be very devoted to Emily and very protective of Madison, going so far as to telling her that she couldn't see her ex-boyfriend, Jack Pappas, because they were having oral sex.

He made Madison work at the food court at the mall in between her sophomore and junior year in high school because she lied about sleeping over at Lauren's house. In reality, she was sleeping at Jack's guest house, but they didn't do anything. When Madison worked at the food court, she met an older guy (who claimed he was 20) named Stanley. Madison really liked him and begged Morgan to let her go out with him. He said he wanted to meet him first, but in the mean time pressured her to go out with Jack again, with whom she'd just broken up with. When he met Stanley, he told him to leave the house soon afterwards, because he thought that he was older than 20, and he hated him. Then he asked Madison why she liked him, and she said it was because he wasn't interested in sex, that he said she was pretty, that she smelled nice, and had a nice body. Morgan was upset by this and told her that she wasn't allowed to see him.

Morgan gave Madison $50 for not having sex with Jack, but Madison confessed to him that they'd already had sex, and she gave the money back. Morgan, happy that Madison was honest with him, gives her the money back and tells her to go out to dinner with Jack.