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Leo Boykewich

Leo Boykewich, played by Steve Schirripa, is the wealthy owner of a sausage business, which has earned him the nickname of "Sausage King." 



Sarah Helen BoykewichEdit

Sarah was his wife prior to the opening of the show. Leo fell in love with Sarah when he was 14, which is presumably when they met. They were married at 18, straight out of high school. They actually wanted to get married at an even younger age, but Sarah's parents made them wait. Leo and Sarah had one child, Ben. She died in 2003, when Ben was 11, from unknown causes.

Betty BoykewichEdit

Betty and Leo

Betty and Leo on their wedding day


Betty was Leo's who is very sexy second wife and they were married on February 10th, 2010. Betty is a former prostitute. 

Camille BoykewichEdit


Camille is the third wife of Leo and his former assistant. Camille and Leo have known each other for over twenty-five years. She has been in love with Leo for undoubtedly a long time, unknown to him. When she can no longer bear not being with him, she leaves his company, as he is still married to Betty. When Leo talks to Ben about Camille quitting, Ben says that it's clearly because she is in love with him. Leo confronts Camille about this, asking her to come back to work. He doesn't ask her outright if she's in love with him, but he implies it. She says that she already took another job, and that she really likes it. Before Leo leaves, she kisses him.

At the end of Season 4, Betty leaves Leo and Leo contacts Camille. They begin to date, and in early Season 5, Camille informs Leo that she would like to have a child with him. Leo tells her that he will not have any more children. Leo eventually asks Camille if she wants to get married, and she says yes. They were officially married in "Regrets]" and their witnesses were Nora and Ben


  • Leo had a Jewish grandmother and Catholic grandmother.

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