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"Lady Liberty" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season three.


At the butcher shop, Ben and Ricky are having an argument over Amy—Ben is angry that Ricky went over to New York and Ricky is annoyed that Ben is still so obsessed. Eventually, the two get physical, and Ben is subsequently fired by Bunny.

Meanwhile, Lauren’s parents find out about her and Madison’s little tryst with the boys at Grace’s guest house, and Lauren is grounded for the summer, unable to see Jesse. Madison gets in trouble too, and is forbidden to go with Jack’s family to Phoenix.

Amy goes to a night club with her friends in New York. That night, Ricky tells George and Ashley that he’s going to therapy, but Ashley is annoyed by this because she knows it isn’t true. Anne comes home, and she and George reveal that they are getting remarried, and Ashley is unimpressed.

Still considering marrying Adrian out of spite for Amy, Ben is confronted by Leo. Leo warns him that it’s the wrong move, and also finds out that Ben got fired. Leo talks to Ken, and they both talk about how distraught they are with their kids.

Meanwhile, Ricky is in bed with another girl, reaffirming everyone’s suspicions. Ben finally meets up with Adrian, and they consider faking their engagement to keep others off their backs. In New York, Amy texts Ricky a picture of her having fun on her birthday, and he feels overcome with guilt.

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