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Kathy is a recurring character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 5. She is the biological mother of Hedy II. She is portrayed by Cierra Ramirez.

History Edit

Her first appearance is in the episode I Do and I Don't when Katelyn O'Malley informs Amy that she has decided to have a new program where seniors are given freshmen to mentor. Amy learns that Kathy is six months pregnant and wants to give up her child for adoption.

Kathy resides with her grandmother and has a very negative outlook on life now that she's pregnant. She talks to Amy about her former boyfriend who wasn't careful about protection and got Kathy pregnant because of it.

Kathy tells Amy that she doesn't mind talking to her because it's a requirement, but it doesn't mean she wants to be like her. Kathy tells Amy that by keeping John, her life is over, but Amy says that it isn't.

Amy invites Kathy over to Ricky's apartment to study. Kathy rudely asks if John will be around. When Amy says that he will, Kathy declines, saying that she has a family picked out already and won't be persuaded to keep her baby.

In the episode "Past History" when Grace Bowman tries to befriend Kathy, Kathy rudely tells her to "go to hell." Also in the same episode, Kathy has an encounter with another freshman Ethan.

At the beginning of the episode, Ethan checks her out from behind and asks her if she's looking for anyone. When Kathy turns around, Ethan says that she's obviously looking for her boyfriend and Kathy replies that Ethan thought that she looked better from behind whereupon she blows him off.

When Amy arrives, it is revealed that Kathy is looking for her. Kathy tells Amy that she ran in to Ben and that he was rude to her. Amy tells her that Ben's a nice guy and says that he was her boyfriend when she was pregnant.

Kathy is shocked that Amy was pregnant and had a boyfriend and is even more shocked when she learns that Ben was not the father of Amy's baby. She tells Amy she'll see her later and goes to hang out with Ethan, who was checking her out again. Amy becomes worried about their interest in each other.

Ethan and Kathy talk over the phone. Ethan is in the kitchen and says that he has never been with a pregnant girl before. Margaret walks in on him and Ethan quickly tells Kathy he has to go. After Kathy hangs up, her grandmother asks who she was talking to and she replies, "My boyfriend. My new boyfriend."

Kathy and Ethan have a rocky start, but Kathy finally agrees to let Ethan come to dinner with her to meet the adoptive parents. While at dinner, Ethan is rude and embarrasses her. Kathy quickly texts Amy and orders her to pick Ethan up. She and Ethan get into a phone battle and Kathy ends up breaking up with him, but the next day at school, they talk and get back together.

In the episode "Regrets," Kathy and Ethan walk into school together and talk about their future together. Kathy regretfully tells him that she would rather see him after her daughter is born and out of the picture, but Ethan doesn't want to break up with her. Kathy stands firm by her decision and doesn't want to discuss the subject anymore. Ethan shouts after her in the hallway, saying that it was the "stupid adoptive parents' idea" and not Kathy's.

After breaking up with Ethan, Kathy's two "friends" demand him to make one of them his girlfriend. When Ethan angrily refuses, they go back to Kathy and out of spite, they both tell her that Ethan doesn't want her back and that one of them should date him. After getting her permission, they joyfully walk away, leaving Kathy alone to cry. Kathy and Ethan end up getting back together.

In the episode "Hedy’s Happy Holiday House," Kathy gives birth to a baby girl and gives her to the adoptive parents. She later reveals that she plans on moving back to Texas to be with her parents because they feels it's the best thing to do and breaks up with Ethan.

In the episode "To Each Her Own," Kathy gets on a plane to fly back to Texas. Ethan (with Ben's help) gets on the plane too to go with Kathy and state his case to her parents in order to make them approve of him.

Kathy's last appearance on the show was in the episode "Caught in a Trap" where she's angry at Ethan for dating a girl who called her a slut, making them no longer friends.

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