Kathleen Juergens (neé Kathleen Smith) is the the current wife of George Juergens, the mother of Grace Bowman , the adoptive mother of Tom Bowman , the step-mother of Amy Juergens and Ashley Juergens, and the step-grandmother of John Underwood . She is also the stepmother of Jacob Bowman Gudina.

She is a Christian, and believed that pre-marital sex is wrong. She is just now getting back into church.

In Season 4, she decides that she's not happy with her third husband. Her first marriage was to George Juergens the father of Amy Juergens and Ashley Juergens which ended in divorce mainly due to the fact that she had an affair.

She tells George that she was tired of picking up his socks every night, and that she ended up throwing away every pair of socks she picked up. She ended up having an affair with a man who owned the sock store, but the relationship didn't last.

Her second husband, Dr. Marshall Bowman and she had a daughter named Grace Bowman. They adopted Tom Bowman after Tom's birth mother came to Marshall for help. Tom's mother later died, and that's when they decided to adopt him.

Her marriage to Marshall seemed to be near-perfect, but while he was going to Africa on "healing missions," he was having an affair with a woman who gave birth to a son who showed up at the end of Season 4. Marshall dies in a plane crash at the beginning of Season 2.

She met another man named Jeff Tseugay six months, three weeks, five days and eleven hours after her husband died. To be technical, they started dating six months after Marshall died, but they met right away. Jeff is a doctor, too, and it turned out that his brother (also a doctor) caused the plane that Marshall was riding in to go down.

When Jeff makes a remark about Kathleen cheating on her political party, Kathleen tells him about how she cheated on George when they were married. She and Jeff soon get married, and the marriage ends at the end of Season 4.

After a long trip to Africa, on the day he comes home, Jeff announces that he wants to go back. They try to make the marriage work, but it is soon clear that they can't.

While in the process of divorcing Jeff, Kathleen suddenly becomes close to George again. They begin dating and Kathleen tells him that (although she is happy to be with him again) she won't have sex with him unless he's really serious about her & until she's divorced from Jeff. The two fall in love again and it is clear they are meant to be together. George and Kathleen get married in season five. They are each other's "First and Last" loves. Which is ironically the name of the episode the two get married in :)))