"Interference" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season five.

Synopsis Edit

Ben walks in on a personal conversation between Amy and Ricky in the butcher shop, after trying to tell her something about the night before. After Ricky tells Amy to leave, he tells Ben about George buying Geoff's and about how they'll be supplying them with meat. He then asks Ben to clarify what he mean about the night before, and Ben tells him that he is more than willing to share an apartment in New York with him, Amy, and John, if he and Amy both attend Hudson University.

Meanwhile, Ricky asks George for money so Amy can get appropriate housing in New York so Ricky and John can visit her. George tells Ricky that he won't support Amy financially. He asks Ricky why he wants to give Amy whatever she wants (and tells him to lock it down) and Ricky admits that it's because he got her pregnant. George explains that guilt is not the right way to handle this. He offers to tell Amy that she won't be going to school in New York with his financial help, and Ricky refuses. George then says that Ricky came to him for help, and that's the help he is willing to give him and Amy.

Elsewhere, Amy accuses Ben of stealing her engagement rings. Ben explains that, while they were on the plane, they were falling off her finger. Thinking he was helping, he took them off, but Amy moved her hand, so he couldn't get them back onto her and he put them in his pocket. Ben then explained that he wanted to give them back to her before, but her and Ricky were talking. Amy says that they were fighting because Ricky thought that Amy lost the rings, who were originally Margaret's mothers'. Ben tells Amy that Ricky is a nice guy now, and it's hard to tell a nice guy no, but he tells Amy that he believes that she is using him. He then says that, based on experience, you shouldn't marry someone you're not madly in love with, and to get out of it while she still can.

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