"I Got You, Babe" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season two.


Ricky's invited George over to his baby-proofed apartment—just to show him it's a safe place for John to spend weekends. George says that, as long as Amy doesn't want Ricky to keep John on weekends, it's a no-go. But he promises to talk to her about it, warning Ricky this could become a lifelong war.

Adrian's mad at Ricky, so she's trying to get on Amy's side ... if Amy can just overlook the whole sex-with-Ben thing. Amy isn't sure she can, but she does accept Adrian's help to get more of their friends "on her side."

Speaking of friends, Ben's "friend" Grace wants to make out. Ever since that talk with her new step-dad, she's all about having fun. In fact, she and Ben have so much fun the first time they hook up, it leads to a second time. Hmmm.

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