"Holy Rollers" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season five.

Synopsis Edit

Amy is jealous that her dad is at church with Kathleen, Tom, and Grace. He awkwardly waves to her, but she is still upset with him.
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Ricky, Amy, and Kathy watch George and Kathleen walk in.

Feeling hypocritical about his motives for being there, Ben left early with Henry, who felt uncomfortable too, being a Catholic, what with the lack of statues and holy water. Alice is a Buddhist and was totally out of her element. We did find out that Ethan has a rusty, skill: he can play the organ. Adrian got a kid to take a photo of her and Omar to prove to the school board that they aren’t just together for sex. Her saying sex in church freaked out the kid but that didn’t stop Adrian from making a loud remark about sex and Jesus. Omar informed her that Jesus never married. “And?” she asked blithely. Amy’s feathers were ruffled by seeing her father with Kathleen, but if that wasn’t bad enough, Jack comes waltzing in with Madison. Grace rises and blurts out “What the hell is she doing here?”

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Grace is happy everyone has come to church.

 Adrian and Omar consider getting back together. When Omar's mother shows up at Adrian's condo, she likes her at once. She compliments Adrian on her appearance and her home. She also invites Adrian to her house. She also tells Adrian that she's tried to get her to come over for a long time. 
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Amy and Margaret hugging.

Amy tells Margaret that she doesn't want a wedding. She explains to her that it's not about her mom being gay, or her dad being with Kathleen, but that her parents are not the ones that she grew up with and that scares her. Margaret tells her that she understands, and that she appreciates Amy being direct with her. Jack asks Kathleen if he can ask Grace to marry him. Kathleen says no,
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Jack and Kathleen talk.

and that they are not allowed to get engaged. Jack goes to talk to Grace, and tells her about Madison. He also tells her that he is all hers, and that (although he wants to have sex with her) he will wait until she's ready. Leo doesn’t want Ben to have anything to do with Dylan, period! He’s got Dylan’s number and as long as he is supporting Ben, that’s how it’s going to be..  
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Dylan's dad walks in on Dylan.

As Dylan listens to a song, Dylan's dad comments on how appropriate that is, because Ben Boykewich is a rat. Dylan wheedles and cajoles, we see him waver, but it is Dylan’s mom who caves first when Ben calls and lets them talk. In one short conversation, Dylan manages to cook up a plan where they can make it happen. Dylan will pretend to be dating Henry and Ben will date Alice. Henry, at least, is cool with the idea. 
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Ethan and Kathy in the car.

Kathy finally got her kiss from Ethan, who laughed when he kissed her, which kind of threw him. That’s not the only thing about Kathy that Ethan finds unsettling. The fact that she has made up her mind to give up her child without any reservations seems to bother him.

Main CastEdit

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