Heather is a supporting character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 2. She is portrayed by Rumer Willis.

History Edit

Heather is a pregnant girl who is a new student when Amy and Ben are in their sophomore year. She thinks that Ben has a "thing" for pregnant girls and flirts with him. She does get him to come talk with her outside of school, but he realized that he isn't the type of friend she needs. Ben later admits to Amy that he spent time with Heather and gets Amy to spend time with her. Heather asks Amy about giving the baby up for adoption, saying that she can't provide her daughter.

Heather was kicked out of her parent's house for "shaming [her] family." She spent her entire life's savings on one month of rent in her apartment.

She was no longer seen on Secret Life after her first episode, Knocked Up, Who's There?.

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