Template:Infobox Character/DraftHaylie is a supporting character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 3.

History Edit

Haley is a friend of Peter's. When she didn't know he was gay, she went with him to a party at Ben Boykewich's house. She wants to meet Ben because, of course, he is rich. She asks Ashley Juergens to introduce her to Ben. She tells him that she can also introduce her to the girl he's having a baby with. Haley is disappointed and tells Ashley that all good guys get girls pregnant. In Up All Night, she went to the Boykewich's butchery to find Ricky, and tried to have sex with Ricky Underwood. Ricky first doesn't want to have sex with her because of his promises to Amy, but Haylie convinces Ricky to have sex with her before the girlfriend comes back.

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