"Girlfriends" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season five.


Ben and Omar are finally finished with the School Board situation of Ben calling Omar a pervert. Katelyn tells them that they are both declared innocent, and that the School Board was very understanding. Omar accidentally lets it slip that he might marry Adrian, which upsets Ben.

Alice accidentally tells Henry that she and Ben slept together, and he is very upset with her.

Ben says something horrible to Leo and Camille, and she hits him for it.

Grace and Jack ask Amy if they can have dinner at her and Ricky's apartment. Amy is slightly annoyed when Ricky asks if Clementine can come over, too. Although she hears him say that they never slept together, she is doubtful.

Amy tells Kathy that it's okay to have a boyfriend, and other guys that are friends, but that she needs to make some girlfriends. Kathy says that she doesn't like girls. When a girl comes up, she smiles at Kathyin a friendly way, and Kathy tells the girl that she sucks. Another girl walks by, and Amy asks to talk to her, but the girl calls Amy a weirdo and walks away. Then two other girls come up. They become selfish and rude to Amy and they make friends with Kathy. They also are rude to Ethan, who also dislikes them.

Meanwhile, Henry meets Dylan's parents, and he hangs out with them and wins their respect. Before leaving, Henry kisses Dylan, telling her that he likes her, and Ben is in love with Amy.

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