"Get Out of Town" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season three.


Leo is furious at Ben for being the father of Adrian’s baby and says that he expects him to treat Adrian the way he treated Amy. Ben thinks this means that he might have to propose to Adrian. Ben confronts Adrian again to ask if she’s pregnant, but she tells him she needs a few days to discuss it.

Meanwhile, Leo tells Ruben so Adrian isn’t alone in this. And when Cindy gets home from her business trip, Ruben tells her that Adrian is pregnant!

Ashley tells her parents about Amy’s music program in New York City and that she can’t go because of John. Everyone rallies around Amy and tells her to go. Ben decides he can’t tell Am y that he’s the father of Adrian’s baby since this music program is the first good thing that’s happened to her.

Elsewhere, Jack pretends to have a place to stay so his father will take the teaching job in Arizona. And Ricky considers staying in Amy’s room while she’s gone.

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