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"Flip Flop" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season four.

Synopsis Edit

Adrian surprises her doctor when she tells him she wants to get pregnant again. The doctor tells her to go after her dreams instead, and Adrian decides to drop the pregnancy and go after Ricky.

While talking to Dr. Fields, Ben flip flops and thinks he might want to stay with Adrian.

Margaret pawns Nora off on Ricky and Amy.

Amy, Ricky and John stay at the Juergens house with Nora. Amy tries to get Ricky and Nora to bond to no avail.

Meanwhile, Anne and George are still hitting it off in the condo until Anne asks to be his business partner and he reveals Donovan already is.

Adrian tells Grace she’s going to let Ben leave her so she can go after Ricky. Adrian tries to kick Ben out, but now he’s not ready to leave even if she wants to trick him to get pregnant. Adrian is livid with Grace for revealing her pregnancy secret. In retaliation Grace warns Amy that Adrian is trying to get Ricky.

Betty breaks up with Leo because she wants to go to college.

George agrees to rent Ashley’s room to Nora since he’s lonely anyway.

Amy doesn’t believe Ricky when he tells her that he deleted Adrian’s message. Amy takes matters into her own hands and listens to his messages and finds one from Adrian.

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