Eva Juergens is a supporting character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 5. She is the mother of George Juergens, the grandmother of Amy Juergens and Ashley Juergens, and the great grandmother of John Juergens.

Season 5 Edit

Eva is unheard of until season 5 when she unexpectedly shows up to see her son. She immediately hits George for not telling her about Anne, but seems to know about Amy having a baby. She attends her son's wedding to Kathleen, and seems to get along well with her step-grandson, Tom. 


  • It's heavily implied that she too was a teen mother (however, was older than Amy). This is shown through the playful relationship she has with her son, as well as her saying she's too young to be a great-grandmother and claims that people have mistaken her for George's wife. In addition, she seems very open to Amy's pregnancy. 

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