Ethan is the foster son of Sanjay Shakur and Margaret Shakur, foster brother to Ricky Underwood and foster uncle to John Juergens. He is portrayed by Michael Grant.


Ethan is a foster child of Margaret Shakur and Sanjay Shakur

In Holy Rollers, Ethan tells Kathy that his mother left when he was eight. She said she was going to the store to buy peas and never came back. He also said that his father stabbed him in the calf. After making a fool out of himself in front of her adoptive parents of choice, she breaks up with him. However, they quickly get back together.

In Regrets, he tells Kathy that he's not afraid of falling in love with her (and he probably has fallen in love with her by this point). Kathy quickly breaks up with him again, per the advice of her picked adoptive parents. Ethan is very upset by this, and quickly figures out the reason behind the break up, and broadcasting it in the school hallway. He is later approached by Kathy's supposed friends, who tell him that Kathy wants him back, and Ethan declines. Seeing their chance, the two girls then make a play for him, and Ethan flat out refuses. Out of spite, Kathy's friends tell her that Ethan doesn't want her back. Kathy, heartbroken, gives them permission to pursue Ethan, and they leave her behind in triumph, while Kathy is left to cry in the same hallway in which she broke up with Ethan.

His senior mentor is Ben, although Ben doesn't really want to give him any advice or talk to him at all. In Half Over, Ethan attempted to get advice from Ben.

  • Ethan arguing with Ricky
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