Dr. Wilameena Bink is a supporting character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 2.

History Edit

Dr. Wilameena Bink was the school counselor after Coach, and before Katelyn O'Malley. She left Grant High School for unknown reasons. She is famous because she took a student (from her last school) to the prom. Some people claim that she had sex with him, but she claimed that the reason she accepted was because she loved to dance.

Dr. Bink loved dancing so much that she created the Mother/Daughter Dance at Grant. Almost everyone in the main cast attended. Grace didn't want to go because she was angry at her mother for becoming involved with Jeff, but she went anyway. Madison didn't want to go because her mother was dead and she disliked her step-mother, but she ended up going, too. Dr. Bink left after Season 3.

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