Don is a male character in the 5th Season. He is the biological father of Hedy II, and the ex-boyfriend of Kathy.

History Edit

Don impregnated Kathy after claiming he had found a scientific "full proof" method to have safe sex with her without the use of birth control. After Kathy found out she was pregnant, she was forced to breakup with him and move in with her grandmother.

Season 5 Edit

After calling Hedy's adopted parents, he unexpectedly shows up to Kathy's grandmother's house in Fraid So wanting to talk to her about the baby. He tells Kathy he's upset she didn't inform him of Hedy's birth, and wants to take both of them back to Texas. Kathy dissuades him not to because they shouldn't take Hedy away from a loving family, and doesn't want to be with him just because they have a child together.

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