Template:Infobox Character/DraftDavid Johnson is a minor character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 1. He is the father of Robert Scott Johnson. He is portrayed by Ben Weber.

History Edit

David Johnson is the father of Robert Scott Johnson, Twin 1, and Twin 2. He dated Anne Juergens before her divorce to George was finalized and they had sex on their first date which was likely the day Robert was conceived. Anne initially thought he was the father until he told her that it was near medically impossible for him to have children, but he proposed and they planned to get married anyway until Anne revealed to George that she thought he was the father and she really didn't want to get married.

It turned out that he was not infertile and that his fertility doctor had lied to him because his first wife had been having an affair with the doctor. After his relationship with Anne ended, he got his assistant pregnant with twins and married her. He then came to Anne to request Robbie's paternity before going through the courts to do it because he suspected Robbie was his biological son after all. He said that if Robbie is his son, he wants to be involved in Robbie's life.

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