Dante is a supporting character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 4. He is the younger brother of Omar. He is portrayed by Bow Wow.

History Edit

Dante is the younger brother of Omar and one-time fling of Adrian. Grace wanted to go on a double date with Daniel, and "the guy upstairs", implying that Dante and Omar live together. Dante and Omar both go to college with Daniel, but he (Daniel) only seems to be friends with Omar, going so far as to try to put his foot down when Grace asked him to ask Dante out for Adrian, by claiming that he was a player.

Dante and Adrian to go out, however, and it is implied that they had sex. When he suddenly doesn't call her, Adrian gets worried and goes to his apartment, where she meets Omar, Dante's older brother. She tells him that she and Dante went out, but he never called her back. Omar tells Adrian that Dante went backpacking through Europe, but that it was wrong of him not to come clean with Adrian about his leaving America for a while.

When Dante returns, he tries to get Adrian to go out with him again, and tells her that he couldn't stop thinking about her. She tells him that while he was gone, she went out with Omar, and that supposedly Omar hates her because she insisted on kissing Ricky in front of him, but that she still cares about him (Omar). Dante gives Adrian a shocked look before leaving her apartment. So far he's only made those two appearances. He is never seen again after that.

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