Daniel is a supporting character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 4. He is portrayed by Singua Walls.

History Edit

Daniel is the ex-boyfriend of Grace Bowman. They meet in Africa while Grace was volunteering there, and she slept with him while in Africa. Grace cheated on Grant to be with Daniel. Daniel is in university in the first year.

Grace kissed Jack Pappas at the senior party and Daniel's ex-girlfriend, Raven, emailed Daniel a picture of Grace and Jack kissing, so Daniel broke up with her, leaving Grace totally and completely devastated.

Daniel makes his final appearance in 4SnP, where he and Grace are kissing, Daniel says that he has to be in an exclusive relationship with Grace, after she suggests that they have sex. Grace refuses and tells Daniel to go home. Later, Omar asks Daniel to hang out. Daniel asks Omar about his and Adrian's agreement about being faithful to each other. Daniel tells Omar that Adrian told Ben, and Ben told Dylan, and Dylan told Raven, and Raven told Daniel that Adrian and Grace kissed. What happens to him after that is unknown.