Bunny is the manager of Leo Boykewich's butcher shop where she employs Ricky Underwood and Ben Boykewich.

History Edit

She has been working at the Butchers for over 20 years. Leo and Bunny are so close that she once filled in when Camille (Leo's current wife) quit working for Leo Boykewich as an assistant. Bunny is always dragged into hearing Ricky's and Ben's personal relationship and family problems. One day, Ricky was telling Bunny about his former drug addict mother who is sober and was sober for nearly 2 years and after hearing about Ricky's mothers situation, she decided to help out Ricky's mother by giving her a job at the Butchers. In fact, Bunny was so impressed with Nora she was hopeful of hiring her full time. 

Bunny also has several "hot" daughters that she keeps in an all girls private school. She has an agreement with them where they can have cell phones, but she has the passwords to the phones and she checks them once a week, never on the same day or the same time, to ensure that her kids aren't sending or receiving anything bad.

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