"Allies" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season four.


Katelyn informs Amy she's failing in summer school. Failing may be a bit strong, considering that she's getting C grades. Amy asks if she can quit and take the classes over. Katelyn say that she'll fail summer school and then get a C in her senior year. Amy asks to drop out of summer school, and Katelyn says that she won't be able to.

Ricky gets an unexpected visit from two teen moms (and their sons) that knew Amy in New York. Ricky is upset that Amy invited them over to stay with them. Ricky confronts her, and tells her that the apartment belongs to both of them, not just her and not just him.

Henry tries to approach Ben, but walks away. Adrian encourages Ben to forgive him. She learns that Ben and Amy seem to be friends again. She gets upset, and says that Dylan wouldn't like it. Ben says that Dylan doesn't get to decide who his friends are. Adrian says that Ben needs Henry. Alice says that she is Ben's best friend, and that she doesn't want to tell the story again. Ben says that Dylan may have a problem with him being friends with Alice.

Lauren tells Amy that she should study. Lauren tells Amy to be a better friend. Amy says that Lauren doesn't have any responsibilities. Amy goes off on her and tells her that her life is full of luxery. Lauren tells Amy that having a baby in high school was a bad idea, and that she makes bad choices. Lauren walks out of the office says hi to Madison.

Henry asks Madison to have lunch with him. Henry doesn't want to hear about their ex-best friends. Henry seems to be slightly interested in spending time with Madison. After Madison leaves, Henry sees Ben and runs after him. Ben hids behind some people, and then they both greet one another, and then Ben runs away.

Adrian confronts Amy on spending time with Ben. She calls Adrian and Ben "wild cards".

Amy goes off on Grace, telling her to make up her mind upon whether or not Jacob is her brother or not. or whether or not she (Grace) considers her mother to be married.

Ethan tries to arrange with Jacob a date at the guest house with a girl who supposedly likes him.

George invites Kathleen out for lunch at his house. They make out for the first time on camera. It is revealed that he calls her "Kat" and that she likes it.

Adrian tries to get Grace to work on a paper with her, but Grace says that she wants to see Jack. Adrian says that Grace should have sex with him. Grace says that Jack would want to be together forever, but Grace doesn't want to do that.

Henry says that he misses Alice. Alice tells Henry that she still loves him. Henry tells Alice that they have to just be friends. Alice says that she wants more than that.

Lauren calls Madison an idiot. Madison tells Lauren that Jesse had an annoying smile. Lauren says she's going to try and get over what Madison and Jesse did. They are apparently friends again.

Ben asks Amy if she wants help on her assignments. Amy declines, but she does give him a flirty smile.

Amy tells Katelyn that she can't finish the assignments. She asks Katelyn how to finish them, because apparently she doesn't know how.

Bunny tells Ben that she knows what Dylan said about him being friends with Amy and Adrian.

Jack tells Grace that they can't keep making out and not doing something about it. Grace gets upset, and Jack says that there shouldn't be a commitment. Jack tells Grace that he can't make a commitment, and Grace gets even more upset.

Omar reveals to Adrian that Daniel is still interested in Grace. Apparently, he is not dating Raven. Omar asks Adrian to marry him, and he tells her that he loves her. Omar tells Adrian that he doesn't want her to cheat on him, but she can take as long as she likes to say yes. Adrian is left feeling very conflicted.

Leo tells Ben that he doesn't want Camille or Betty to be friends. Leo tells Ben not to be friends with Amy.

Camille and Betty have dinner together. Betty tells Camille that if she changes her mind about having a child, then Leo would be more prone to speak with Camille.

Margaret confronts Jacob on Ethan sneaking out of the house. She tells Jacob that she knows about their dates, and they both have the potential of getting in trouble. Jacob explains that he and Ethan want to be friends, and he doesn't have any other friends.

George helps Amy with her homework and gives her advice on allies. George tells Amy that she and Ben don't need to be enemies, but they don't need to be friends.


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