4SnP is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season four.

Synopsis Edit

Amy asks Madison and Lauren if she feels as if anyone at school is looking at her. She thinks that they might still be talking about Anne. Then, she comes up with the idea that they're talking about her wedding.

Rumors spread around summer school that Amy is supposedly gay as well as Anne. Jacob and Ethan also talk about Amy's supposed sexual orientation as well.

Adrian and Grace talk about Amy being the center of attention all the time.

Ethan tells Amy that they can "kill" the rumor going around. Amy doesn't know what he's talking about, and tells him that she doesn't have time for him.

Katelyn informs Ben of the pros and cons of going to the same school as Dylan. She tells Ben that she's not supportive of Ben switching schools, and that Leo will have to pay for Ben to apply to the school as wells as the tuition.

Alice and Henry know about Ben's switching. Alice asks Henry if they can be friend's with benefits. Henry says that he's not okay with that. Henry asks if Alice sleeps with someone else, would it be with another girl. Alice says that she would never have sex with a girl.

Grace tells Adrian that she doesn't even want to be friends, or be in a relationship, with Jack at this point. Adrian asks Grace if she'd ever consider having a relationship with a woman. Grace denies it, and says that she wouldn't. Adrian says that she's thought about kissing a woman, and Grace admits that she's thought about kissing Adrian.

Ben confronts Amy on the rumors at school. Amy goes over the spread of the rumors from last week, just to clarify that her information is correct. Amy tells Ben that her mother is not gay. Ben tells Amy that people are thinking that Amy is gay. Ben hands over his phone as proof, and Amy looks freaked out about the message. She returns Ben's phone to him and runs out.

Ben tells Leo that he won't be going out with Dylan, because of a history final. Ben tells Leo that his school doesn't have as much "sparkle" as private schools have. Ben admits that Dylan's school costs $32,000, and that he wants Leo to consider it. Leo denies any consideration whatsoever on the subject.

Donovan is assisting Betty on her dorm room in college. Betty claims that she wants a bunk bed, but he replies that she doesn't need to get a bunk bed. Donovan replies that he has some business to take care of.

Adrian and Omar walk in on Grace and Daniel kissing. Adrian says that she thinks that Grace is using Daniel. Omar says that Daniel is still seeing Raven. Daniel says that he has to be in an exclusive relationship with Grace, after she suggests that they have sex. Grace refuses and tells Daniel to go home. Grace says that she hates me.

Omar tells Adrian that he's considered having a threesome with Adrian and Grace.

Ricky is teaching John how to play the drums while Amy is studying for her history final. Ricky claims that the whole situation about Amy supposedly being gay is funny. Amy tells Ricky that she is deeply heterosexual, and John says the word "gay". Ricky replies that the whole situation must be going around "gaycare", whereupon Amy looks very upset, and Ricky quickly corrects himself before Amy stomps out of the room.

Nora tells George that he should let Anne have his bedroom. Nora also tells George that Amy is supposedly gay, and that he should tell Anne that he is seeing Kathleen. They discuss why the Fourth of July is a gay holiday, and Griffin knocks on the door.

Griffin informs George that gay men do everything that straight men do. Griffin informs George that he supposedly turns women gay.

Grace informs Kathleen that she thinks that she may have gay genes. Kathleen says that she doesn't know if they do or not, and she's wondering if she's off the hook about blabbing to Grace about Anne supposedly being gay.

Adrian confronts Grace on being gay, or attracted to her. Adrian tells Grace that nothing is out of the ordinary between them, and that they should make everything back to normal. Adrian admits that she would kiss Angelina Jolie, given the opportunity. Grace convinces Adrian to kiss her, and they do, wherepon Grace looks freaked out and runs out of the room. Adrian calls after her that she never got complaints from guys, regarding her kissing.

Dylan asks Ben to keep bugging his dad about him switching schools. We finally find out that Dylan is going to be a junior next year, meaning that she is probably 16 or 17.

Grace calls Jack and tells him to talk to him. Grace tells Jack that she wants to be boyfriend-girlfriend again, and that she wants every kind of sex imaginable with him again.

Tom tells Jacob not to rat out Grace and Jack. Jacob says that he wants to protect Grace.

Amy tells Ricky that Anne and Ashley got stuck in Amsterdam. Amy and Ricky get into the discussion about people's sexulities, and she tells him that she's going to tell everyone that she's not gay.

Anne and Ashley come home and Anne goes to check on Robie. George tells Ashley that Griffin is there. Ashley leaves to talk to Griffin.

Anne asks George if he wants things back the way they were. She kisses him, and asks him to come to bed with her. Then she says that she knows what George told Kathleen and that nothing will ever be the same as a result.

Griffiin goes into Ashley's room and hugs her. When she doesn't hug back, he asks why she's not greeting him properly. Ashley asks Griffin why he was over at her house and if he knows anything regarding the rumor about Anne. Griffin quickly denies knowing anything. Ashley looks happy that Amy is gay, and she asks about Ricky, so Toby may be out of the picture, and Ashley may play for Ricky again.

Madison and Lauren ask Amy if she is really planning on marrying Ricky.

Adrian tells Ben, Henry, and Alice that she kissed Grace. Then, Amy confronts Adrian on her being gay, and she denies it. A girl comes up to Amy, after Amy tells the whole school that she's not gay, and that Anne's not gay, and that she's planning on marrying Ricky, the girl tells Amy that the new "breaking news" is that Adrian and Grace kissed.

Madison looks at Lauren after Amy finds out the news, and Lauren tells Madison not to get any ideas.

Omar asks Daniel to hang out. Daniel asks Omar about his and Adrian's agreement about being faithful to each other. Daniel tells Omar that Adrian told Ben, and Ben told Dylan, and Dylan told Raven, and Raven told Daniel that Adrian and Grace kissed.

Grace and Jack are still talking about whether or not to date again, and Jack tells Grace that she's making too big of a deal about it. Grace gets a call from an unknown person, but she looks really upset about it.


  • This is the last episode where Madison has red hair before she changes it to blonde in Season 5.
  • This is Griffin's first appearance in Season 4 since the episode And Circumstance.
  • This episode also features the return of Ashley Juergens since her last appearence in Smokin' Like A Virgin, eight episodes ago.
  • This is the last appearance of Daniel.